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The use of this website (hereinafter the “Website”) is subject to the following terms and conditions and the user is obliged to read carefully these terms and conditions before navigating in or using this Website. If a user does not agree to these Terms & Conditions, then such user should not proceed with navigating in or using this Website. By navigating in, accessing or using the Website users indicate that they have accepted all following Terms & Conditions. The company Kostarelos (hereinafter the “Company”) reserves the right to amend and update these terms and conditions of use at any time without giving prior notice. Users are obliged to regularly check for potential changes. If they continue to use the website they are presumed to have accepted the amendments made.
Intellectual property rights (Copyright) 
The content of this Website, including but not limiting, texts, graphics, photos, images, charts, videos, sounds, etc. (hereinafter “the Content”), constitutes intellectual property of the Company and is protected under the provisions of National, EU and International law, with the exception of explicitly specified intellectual property rights of third parties. Thus, users are prohibited from copying, reproducing, using, republishing, saving, selling, transferring, modifying or in general processing all or part of the Content, without the prior written consent/authorisation of the Company. The Company reserves all intellectual property rights regarding the Content and any copies created based on it.
Exceptionally, users are allowed to copy and save individual parts of the Content in a simple personal computer for strictly private use, without any intention of exploiting the Content for commercial or other purposes and under the condition that the source is always referenced. In no case does this exception imply that the Company waives its intellectual property rights. All other products or services included in the Website pages that bear trademarks of third companies or parties are their property and thus, they are responsible.
If a user has any questions regarding his rights of using or reproducing any part of the Content, please contact the Company via the respective Website Contact page. Also, if any user happens to notice that a third party has violated the Company’s intellectual property rights in any way, please inform the Company as soon as possible.
Personal Data Protection / Links to third party Sites
Management and protection of the personal data of users of this website is governed by these terms of use, as well as by the provisions of the National, EU and International legislation on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data as in force.
Any potential future relevant arrangement shall constitute subject matter of these terms of use. In any case, the Company reserves the right to modify the data protection terms according to the relevant legal framework in force.
The Company collects the Website users’ personal data, when they voluntarily provide them, in order to provide the available online services. Personal data is defined as data that can be used to determine an individual’s identity or contact such an individual, as well as other date concerning this individual. This Website collects the following personal data: Name and Surname, father’s name, mother’s name, occupation, postal address, telephone number, email.
The Company shall not notify, publish, transmit or provide for sale to third parties the Website users’ personal data without each user’s consent, unless the law provides so, in which case, any data shall be communicated solely to the competent authorities.
The Company may process all or part of the data provided by the users for purposes of communication, statistics and improving the provided services. All users have the right to contact the Website administrators and confirm that a personal data record exists or ask for their personal data to be corrected, amended or deleted.
The Company has the right to collect identification data for its Website users, using relevant technologies, such cookies and/or monitoring the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. A cookie is a small file we store on the hard drive of your computer which do not access any document or file on your computer. The purpose of cookies is to facilitate the user’s access when using specific services and/or pages of this Website. Cookies are used for statistical purposes in order to determine the most useful or popular segments. Such data may include the browser, the type of computer, the operating system and the internet service providers the user uses, as well as other similar information. Moreover, the Website information system automatically collects information regarding the locations visited by the user and the links to third party sites the user may have clicked on, when navigating in this Website.
Users can use the settings options of their browsers to receive notifications regarding acceptance of cookies in certain services or always prohibit the use of cookies. When a user opts for the use of cookies to be prohibited for purposes of his identification, he cannot have any further access to such services.
The Company is not responsible for the content, services, terms of use and personal data protection terms of any websites linked to or from this Site through hypertext links or banner ads, nor can it guarantee their availability. For any damages in connection with navigation in such websites, solely the respective websites are to be held liable. Links to third party sites are provided for the users’ convenience only and in no case does the Company assume any kind of responsibility or liability.
Limitation of Liability 
The Company does not guarantee or assume liability that the content is complete, correct, updated or suitable for any use, application or purpose. All information in the Content are provided as they actually are. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable (even in the case of negligence) for losses incurred by website users as a result of use of the website. Under no circumstances does the Company guarantee the continuous and correct provision of the Content, or that no viruses exist either on the Website, or other site or server via which the user receives the Website content.
Governing Law and Other Terms 
These terms and conditions of use for this Website, as well as any amendments, are governed by the provisions of the national and EU law, and the relevant international provisions. In case a provision is held to be contrary to the law or void, such provision will ipso jure cease to be effective, but the remainder of these Terms & Conditions shall be unaffected. No amendment of these terms of use shall be taken into account or apply, unless this has been stated in writing and has been integrated to these terms of use. Any disputes arising out of the application of these Terms and in general the use of this Website shall be settled by the competent courts in Athens.